Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Zoo Problems

I was recently at the zoo in Langley, B.C. and faced a major problem… I could't see any of the animals!! Isn't that kind of the whole point? I was having to hunt (pun intended) to see these animals between all the trees and bushes. So I had another one of my brilliant ideas. They should just spray paint all the animals neon yellow so then you can actually see them! What could possibly go wrong? ;)

See how easy it is to see this little guy? 

Monday, June 23, 2014


If shorts are called shorts, why aren't pants called longs?

Just a thought on my way to the bathroom :P

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monster Keys

So I've had this idea floating around for awhile. What happened was I was walking to my dorm from the elevator fumbling with my keys when I had this thought. What if there were little monsters that would bite into metal and their mouths would form the shape of the keys?! Mind blown.

Adorable monster drawn by yours truly 

Now I know what you are thinking, one monster per key? That's a lot of keys. (Okay maybe that's not what you were thinking, but go with it). It would work if the monsters would loose teeth and grow new ones so they could make new keys! The issue then is what happens if you loose your keys? Oh well… Ta Ta for now -CL

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Eyes upon eyes

You know when you are so tired that your eyes just close? But you have things to do and people to see. Yet your eyes are sooooo tired and sooooo heavy. Well this happened to me a couple of days ago while I was walking to class and I just wanted to sleep walk but be able to see at the same time. Then I had an idea. What if we had eyes on our eyelids? That way your eyes could rest but we could still see!

Now I know this brings on a whole new set of problems because then what if those eyes get tired? I you think about it, those eyes will have eyelids so then you could have eyes on those eyelids and then eyes on those eyelids etc. etc. Then you end up with a sandwich of eyes and eyelids just because you are so tired and lazy that you can't keep your original eyes open.

It's a completely deranged idea that will never happen unless some crazy evolution thing happens. But I just thought I'd share the kind of things that pop into my head while walking to chemistry after staying way past my bedtime. Ta Ta for now -CL

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I was walking to meet up with my chemistry tutor when I had a random thought, how would you explain breathing to someone? You can't really. It's instinct. Everyone knows how to do it. It's something we know how to do since birth. It's one of the very first things we do. We do it without even realizing it!! While we talk, while we eat, while we sleep. It's just extraordinary to me.

It's one of the things that keeps us alive. It's what keeps our brain thinking, our heart pumping, our lungs thriving. Breathing it's something you can't stop doing. Well usually not on purpose anyways. And it's not just humans. It's every living thing around us. It's thoughts like these that make me feel small in this universe we live in. Life is so cool. Ta Ta For Now -CL

Monday, February 17, 2014

Better late than never!

I meant to post this on Friday but I guess better late then never!

Happy Friday and happy Valentines Day!! This week has been crazy for me... And Valentine's day is a nice break. The week started out with a job interview at Athleta (yayayayay) which I will hear back from by the end of next week so fingers crossed. Then after that it was nuts. Math homework, lab report, more math homework, throw in some chemistry, pre-lab, more math, more chemistry, read a Shakespeare play, math quiz, drama quiz, etc. I think you get the idea :/ Busy, busy, busy. But luckily I'm going home this weekend and it's a 3-day weekend, yippee! Let's just say I'll be doing lots of sleeping. Ta Ta For Now -CL

Monday, February 10, 2014


Most of the snow from this past weekend is already gone. Except for the little piles hiding out in the shade. Although it is a little sad that the snow is melting, it was around for just enough time to have some fun. 
When the snow first started coming down
Sneaky sneaky snow ;)
When I came back from the mall I came across tons of random people throwing snowballs at other random people!! How cool is that?! It was a giant snowball fight that took place all over campus. And what's nice about going to a gigantic school is that the chances of seeing the person you pummeled with a snowball again are slim to none and the chances of them recognizing you are even smaller. Especially if you're like a ninja and they didn't even see your snowball coming! 

This was right outside my dorm o__O
My roommate, her visiting friend, and I ended up playing in the snow until somewhere around 1am. At some point we were walking in the quad and I turned to my right and saw this one chick about to throw a snowball at me. And when she did throw it, it was coming slightly to the right of me. And what I did next was probably the highlight of my night.

I reached my hand out to and caught her snowball in mid air with my hand!!!! And for anyone who knows me, I had a 1/1,000,000 chance of actually catching that. But I did!! As it exploded in my hand and I yelled, "That's right! You saw that! Try throwing another one!" She didn't, and probably for good reason :P IT WAS AWESOME! And even though my face was covered in snow from the ball exploding it was soooo worth it. It looked like something you would see in the movies that would look really cool in slow motion. It was pretty sweet. TaTa For Now -CL